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theres a knife in my hand

covered in blood, i can't understand

16 August 1988
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about; i'm caroline, a 21 year old girl from se london. i'm currently studying graphic design at leeds college of art and design. i like shopping, stalking, gig going, getting shitfaced (although i can't currently do this seeing as i'm pregnant), being loud & obnoxious, spaz dancing, typography, cross stitch, over accessorising, gold jewellery, red lipstick, being morrissey, crumpets and making angel delight for my boyfriend.

music; smashing pumpkins, biffy clyro, nine inch nails, patrick wolf, and you will know us by the trail of dead, interpol, larrikin love, crystal castles, hall & oates, the smiths, morrissey, the libertines, lightspeed champion, maximo park, ox.eagle.lion.man, queens of the stone age, peaches, the strokes, the walkmen, late of the pier, sonic youth, van morrison, beirut, nick cave & the bad seeds.

alcohol, alice in wonderland, american apparel, apples & peanut butter, babydoll dresses, being arty, big sunglasses, billy corgan, bracelets, brody dalle, burlesque, chai lattes, chris morris, cider, cigarettes, cocktails, conor oberst, courtney love, cross stitch, crumpets, david mitchell, dita von teese, drugs and grapes, dylan moran, ed wood, edward cullen, false eyelashes, father ted, fight club, garden state, ghost world, glitter, gold jewellery, graphic design, hair dye, hair extensions, hoodies, iced tea, jack daniels & coke, jena malone, josh holloway, josh homme, leeds, lenore, leopard print, lindsay lohan, lomo, london, lost, make-up, making lists, making out, marc jacobs, marc wootton, marmite, marya hornbacher, mean girls, melora creager, men, miso soup, moulin rouge, music, nathan barley, noel fielding, over accessorising, pale white skin, party monster, paul banks, peace and fucking, pearls, peep show, photography, piercings, polaroids, pomegranates, pout, primp, pulp fiction, red lipstick, reece shearsmith, reservoir dogs, revenge of the sith, robert pattinson, robert smith, rockabilly, sangria, saying dude, shaun of the dead, shirley ghostman, shoes, silver rings, simon neil, simon pegg, six feet under, snakebite, spaced, spain, starbucks, steve buscemi, stoner rock, super high heels, superhans, sushi, tank girl, tarina tarantino, tattoos, tequila, the breakfast club, the exorcist, the incredibles, the last unicorn, the league of gentlemen, the legend of zelda, the mighty boosh, trent reznor, true romance, twilight, urban decay, urban outfitters, vampires, vaudeville, vintage, violet, vodka, wasted, water, web design, zero, zombies, ¿, ænima, , , ,